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Steve Alten, author of the bestselling MEG series, about Megalodon, the 70-foot, 50-ton prehistoric shark, has announced that a recent biopsy on his right kidney tested positive for cancer. Not happy with his treatment options (surgery, followed by chemo and/or radiation), the writer petitioned and received approval from the partnership that controls the rights to the work of the late Dr. John Grinstein. Alten will be allowed to purchase a 90-day supply of the GC-6000 for the purpose of healing and reversing his cancer and to prove it works. The treatment will be overseen by Alten’s own team of physicians. All information about the protocol, along with patient testimonials and updates on Steve Alten’s progress leading up to his 90-day CT scan will be made public on the website www.GoneCancer.com.

Educated and trained in Israel, Dr. Grinstein’s area of expertise focused on the healing properties found in certain organic fruits and vegetables and their ability to promote neurogenesis — specifically with Parkinson’s Disease. Alten was introduced to Dr. Grinstein by a fellow Parkinson’s patient back in 2012 after the author was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease five years earlier.

“Dr. Grinstein’s RG-40 extract is not a cure, but it feels a whole lot more normal than using just the meds. But it was his cancer protocol that saved the lives of two close associates — one being my friend Ed, who had just been diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer and was given two to three months to live,” Alten said.

According to Alten, rather than attempting to “cure cancer,” Dr. Grinstein chose instead to focus his attention on P-53, a tumor suppressor gene that plays both the superhero and supervillain in the cell’s anti-cancer defense system. When strong, the P-53 utilizes several weapons to isolate, destroy and then heal damaged DNA. Unfortunately, the P-53 gene weakens as people age and are exposed to daily bombardments of carcinogens in the air, food and water. It is in this weakened state that (in 50% of all cancers) the P-53 gene will mutate into a dangerous entity that actually causes the cancer to metastasize even faster.

To revitalize the weakened P-53 gene, Dr. Grinstein turned to the disease-fighting factors extracted from specific fruits and vegetables and began testing different combinations. He had his first success 15 years ago with GC-10, which shrunk the tumor and effected DNA repair. The GC-6000 is a far more refined version — an all-natural honey-like elixir that is processed, cooked and reduced for nearly a week so that a small, 200-gram jar might contain a truckload of produce. Taken orally several times a day, the GC is quickly absorbed in the digestive system where it enters the bloodstream and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier and into the malignant cells.

“Think of the depleted P-53 gene as Popeye the Sailorman,” Alten explained. “When all seems lost, our hero eats his spinach, which supercharges his muscles and it’s bye-bye bad guys. Same thing happens with the revitalized P-53 gene, which quickly restores cellular apoptosis (malignant cell suicide) while inducing the repair of damaged DNA.

“When my friend Ed called me five weeks after starting the GC treatment and told me that the tumor on his pancreas had shrunk in half and that the 32 tumors in his liver were down to two … that’s the day I became a believer,” Alten continued. “Nine months after being given a death sentence, Ed Davidson was cancer free.”

According to Dr. Grinstein’s records, his P-53 supercharger has successfully been used to treat and reverse the worst stage-4 cancers, including Multicentric Glioblastoma as well as other forms of brain cancer. (There is a video of brain cancer patient testimonials at www.GoneCancer.com as well as a video on the P-53 gene and how the GC protocol works.)

If the GC Protocol really works, why haven’t people heard about it?

According to information on www.GoneCancer.com, Dr. Grinstein lived in a constant state of fear, having followed the Food and Drug Administration’s 40-year-long “witch hunt” of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. Dr. Grinstein also knew of two colleagues who were shut down, their work somehow “threatening” the entities feeding at the cancer industry’s trillion dollar trough. As a result of flying below the radar, very few people have ever heard of the man or know anything about his incredible breakthroughs. Dr. Grinstein was two weeks away from semi-retirement in Florida when he died of congenital heart failure. He had spent the last six months of his life teaching his two long-time assistants how to produce every one of his extracts.

But it was while watching President Biden’s February 2022 speech reaffirming his administration’s commitment to Cancer Moonshot that Alten realized the size of the mountain he and the Grinstein Legacy Group (the legal rights holders to all of Grinstein’s research and extracts) had to climb.

“President Biden had set a goal to realize half the aims of Cancer Moonshot in the next 25 years,” Alten said. “I love President Biden’s heart — and having lost his son (Beau Biden) to Glioblastoma years ago, I knew his commitment was sincere. But Grinstein had literally achieved and surpassed most of Cancer Moonshot’s goals five years before he died. With Dr. G gone, his assistants and patients wanted desperately to bring his solutions into the light of day to help everyone — not just the lucky few whose path he had happened to cross. This was no longer a problem of medical science and research — this was all about having access — about getting our voices heard. The GC protocol is the game-changer; if somehow we could get it to President Biden — ironically, something Grinstein would have never allowed while he was alive — then Cancer Moonshot could use it as their primary weapon to stay and reverse even the worst cancers, saving millions of lives NOW, not in 25 years.”

Alten continued. “Grinstein’s assistants had recently found a dozen of Dr. G’s flash drives containing 15 years of testimonials from his patients, including before and after MRIs — a treasure trove of evidence we could use to create all-new support materials which we desperately needed to introduce the GC cancer miracle to the masses. I set aside a dozen testimonials from patients with Glioblastoma AND pancreatic cancer who, like my friend, had been given no hope and were now cancer free.

“I spent the next six months of whatever time I could spare from writing my eighteenth novel editing the material, all the while knowing that the biggest challenge remained credibility. We had lost my father to cancer before I had met Grinstein, but Dad’s younger brother, my Uncle Harvey, had recently been diagnosed with Glioblastoma. He had undergone two major brain surgeries and still the tumor came back. There were no other options, but I had access to a supply of GC-6000 for him — and he REFUSED IT, as if using it would defy his doctor!

“Steve, if there was a cure for Glioblastoma, don’t you think my oncologist would know about it?”

“Unfortunately, that was not the first time I had heard this response. Soon after Ed was told by his oncologist he tested cancer free, I had gone on a pancreatic cancer patient site, believing I could tell them my friend’s story and direct them to his game-changer, only to be attacked, accused of selling snake-oil and literally cursed at before being tossed from the site. They had repeated word for word what my favorite uncle had said to me. Sadly, it was the last thing he ever said to me. He passed away a month later in home hospice care.

“As convincing as the testimonials are,” Alten said, “I realized what we were missing was someone a new cancer patient could relate to — someone who had just been diagnosed with cancer but hated their treatment options, and were willing to give the GC protocol a chance.

“I just never imagined the new cancer patient would be me.”

On September 4, 2022, Alten and his wife traveled to NY to attend their daughter’s engagement party. Just after midnight, the bestselling author found himself in a NYC hospital emergency room in tremendous pain as his small intestine twisted into a knot, caught on scar tissue from a previous operation.

“Emergency surgery was scheduled for 7 a.m. The plan was for my surgeon (Dr. Anton Kelly) to open me up, pull my intestines out onto a surgical table and attempt to work out the kink while cutting away scar tissue,” Alten explained. “There were three possible outcomes and only one was good. Then, almost as an afterthought, he said, ‘I think I saw a tumor on your right kidney on the CT scan … it looked malignant. We’ll need to schedule a biopsy.’

“My first thought was, really, you’re telling me this now? My second was denial. Everything I had read said cancer was very rare among PD patients, the two diseases on the opposite ends of the medical spectrum. Besides, I was in excruciating pain from stomach muscles that were involuntarily contracting to keep the alien in my belly from bursting through my stomach, so I just filed it away as a benign cyst and hung on and prayed,” Alten continued. “Somehow, I made it to the OR where Dr. Kelly saved my life … the first time. The second time was a month later when a biopsy of my right kidney revealed a ticking time bomb … and that’s how the Universe saved my life AND provided me with a volunteer — someone credible, with skin in the game … and a vendetta.

“I was there when the oncologist told my father that the melanoma that had been removed from his cheek years ago had metastasized into his lung and that it was terminal. I was there when he passed two months later. Three years ago my uncle. Last year my wife’s mother … then her sister — enough!

“This time cancer screwed with the wrong guy. ‘Hey Big C, I’ve got something special for my P-53s … a little gene pick-me-up we call GC … as in Gone Cancer. Now you’re the one who has two to three months to live … b*tch.’”


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