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Scott Davis stepped off the corporate treadmill for a radically different life, sailed the Caribbean for six years and assimilated among diverse cultures. In his new book, Surf the Seesaw: Unconventional Essays on Balance, Beauty, and Meaning in Life, Davis presents engaging true stories that he says debunk common misconceptions responsible for many bad decisions and frustrations.

Unlike most self-help books, Surf the Seesaw does not prescribe a one-size-fits-all system of what to think. Rather, Davis explicitly invites readers to contemplate and adapt each essay’s ideas in a way that honors each individual’s unique experiences, values and aspirations.

“It’s a different sort of book, and I have been enjoying it immensely as I make my way through it. It’s very thought provoking and will make you reassess some of your beliefs, which is always a good thing,” said Mandy Connell, 850 KOA Talk Radio host. “Note I said re-assess, not change, because in some of my reflection I have reaffirmed things that I believe in the process. Highly recommend the book.”

Inspired by his life and adventures, Surf the Seesaw is a collection of 30 thoughtful essays highlighting the perpetual balancing act of developing self-reliance versus remaining open to the kindness of strangers, a balancing act requiring the daring leap into authenticity, the willingness to break free from tribal echo chambers, and the curiosity to learn from those different from us.

“Surf the Seesaw shares practical ideas to help you escape the orbit of routine and comfort, walk the emotional plank toward significant change, prioritize feeding your own soul even when it seems ‘selfish,’ and create your own meaning and purpose in life by choosing how you will influence, inspire and encourage others,” Davis added.

About the Author
Scott Davis’ adult life has followed an explorer’s wandering path: corporate leader, tech entrepreneur, adventurer, inventor and essayist.

Profiled by Forbes at 30 as a rising star in corporate leadership, he ignored industry expectations and walked away from the executive suite to pursue a life off the beaten path, ultimately selling everything and heading off to sea in an old sailboat. Returning to the states at 50, Davis patented innovations in boatbuilding and founded a company to help sailors fulfill their dreams of building their own sailboats.

Today, Davis spends much of his time writing and speaking on how to create a meaningful life, guiding friends and family on adventures, teaching boatbuilding, and occasionally making something interesting in his workshop.

For more information, visit www.surf-the-seesaw.com, or follow the author on Twitter (@surf_the_seesaw), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SurfTheSeesaw/) or Instagram (@surf_the_seesaw).

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Surf-Seesaw-Unconventional-Balance-Meaning/dp/B0C12D3J76

Surf the Seesaw: Unconventional Essays on Balance, Beauty, and Meaning in Life
Publisher: Azure Innovation Services
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8987500408 (paperback)
Available from Amazon.com, BN.com and thousands of other retailers


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