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Some Solace and Much Wisdom is Available to All

Los Angeles, CA — April is a month traditionally filled with spiritual peace and transitional kindness for people and their planet. Beyond April Fool’s Day, there is Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Passover, Easter Sunday and Earth Day. But this year, neither Christians nor hardly anyone else in Eastern Europe can embrace it. Russia’s invasion has left people horrified the world over.

If author and scholar Dr. Pieter Noomen were still alive, he might have a lot to say about that. Fortunately, he left us a treasure trove of writings on myriad topics, and the wisdom of his beliefs continues to ring the bells of compassion and peace. Those words are available free, to anyone at any time, on his website, www.wordsforall.org.

Dr. Noomen’s writings speak largely about his belief system and often refer to messages he said he received from a higher power, but his words can resonate with all, regardless of faith.

“Harmony, peace, sound relationships and health brighten human living. It’s wise to go for them in your short life span, although they will be challenged,” he wrote. “Harmony is one hundred percent supported by wisdom. It crowns any lifestyle. It serves as a compass for staying on course and for perfecting what is perfect.”

But Dr. Noomen wasn’t naïve about how today’s world can choose not to cooperate.

“It is your choice to keep your thoughts clean, holding them to reality’s facts. You may stay tuned to your intuition … Contamination, confusion or static on the lines do remain annoying,” he wrote. “Nothing on earth is made well or totally harmonious. Living there is not easy.”

He also said that “creating harmony isn’t dependent on the environment or others cooperating. It operates from within. No one can stop an honest desire for wholesomeness.”

Born in the Netherlands, Pieter Noomen worked as a psychotherapist and staff member at a Los Angeles church. He completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam and became senior minister of three Protestant churches.

An example from Dr. Noomen’s Wisdoms of the Week from his website, as we hold out hope that better days lie ahead:

“Disasters happen. The media report them. Even if we’re not directly affected, the pain involved can shake us badly, at least for a while. It always reminds us of our own vulnerability. So next to sending out mental messages of compassion and love to the victims, we can check inside ourselves our own resources for dealing with bad situations. Being consciously connected with (eternal) life itself is being as prepared as we possibly can get here on earth.”