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Doctor and former drug addict Alex Farmer and botanist Cyd Seeley are thrown together when a mutual friend is murdered in author Stephen Steele’s action-packed thriller, The Cannastar Factor: A Miracle Cure for Viruses That Big Pharma Will Kill to Stop.

Readers first meet Alex and Cyd as they drive to the morgue to deliver the body of their friend Maury, who died under mysterious circumstances after developing an inexpensive, organically grown cure for viral diseases.

The miracle plant is called Cannastar, and it cures everything from coronavirus and cancer to HIV and herpes. Cannastar costs next to nothing to grow, returns the hopelessly ill to good health and threatens to bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma will resort to anything — even murder — to keep Cannastar off the market.

Cyd and Alex are determined to find a way to fulfill their friend’s legacy and bring Cannastar to a desperate public. Their perilous journey takes them from the Rocky Mountain wilderness, to the political corruption of Washington D.C., to the jungles of Mexico, and to the deserts of the Southwest where they fight to grow their Cannastar.

Filled with mystery and suspense, The Cannastar Factor is an adventure thriller that unfolds with endless surprises and heartwarming relationships; an epic novel about the resolute passions of two people who stand against a broken world.

The Cannastar Factor is the first book in Steele’s three-book adventure series, “The Trouble With Miracles.” Book Two is The Organ Grinder Factor, about a 3D printer that replaces human organs without the need for surgery; and Book Three is The Trouble With Miracles, in which the ancient secret to fusion energy is discovered in Chile’s northern desert.

About the Author

Stephen Steele is a graduate of the University of North Texas with degrees in English literature and marketing. He lives in Montana with his ruthless editor, Beverly, in a 19th century Victorian home.

For more information, please visit www.stephensteelebooks.com, or follow the author on the following social media sites: Twitter: @StephenSteeleMT; Instagram: stephensteelebooks; Facebook: Stephen Steele – Author; or TikTok: stephensteelebooks.

The Cannastar Factor: A Miracle Cure for Viruses That Big Pharma Will Kill to Stop Publisher: Speaking Volumes, LLC
ISBN-10: ‎ 1645404250
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1645404255
Available from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com


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