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Spiritual Drifting

Tacoma, WA  – God’s Sheepdog, like many folks, when it came to spirituality, he had more questions than answers.

In his quest for truth, God’s Sheepdog prayed and fasted.

He spent 23 years researching, 7 years writing, plus 3 years editing this work of three books. Starting with Part One, this work is to reveal in God’s Word who God the Father truly is.

The Cause

We have five major religions (Trinitarians, Unitarians, Oneness, Muslim and Jews) that set up a wall between one another, with all reading the same bible and coming up with five different Gods. 

The Solution

There are two major reasons why we—to this day—still have refutable debates between the Trinitarians, Unitarians, Oneness, Muslims and Jews about who God is—Three, Two or One—and about who Jesus is—God or Man, or both. The two reasons are: (1) They all deny that God is Male and Female, thus they fail to understand who God’s Female is and Her role within God. (2) Their not understanding who God’s Female is causes them to not understand the Two that was One while on earth, but yet were Two, and They are Two in Heaven to this day.

In Luke 1:32, Christ Jesus Emmanuel our Lord was given his father David’s throne—meaning he’s David’s Son; he was named son of David more than 15 times—but in Matthew 22:41-45, the Lord Jesus Christ our God said, He’s not David’s Son. If David then calls him Lord, how is he his son? There are many major differences between The Lord Jesus Christ our God and Christ Jesus Emmanuel our Lord.

God’s Image according to the Bible will destroy Tertullian’s and our doctrine of a Triune God. In Colossian 2:2, we learn of three mysteries—the mystery of God—and of the Father, and of Christ—and that God wants us to come unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of these three mysteries. Again, why is this so important? Because God wants us to truly know Him & Jesus Christ John 17:3.

In his new book, God’s Me, Myself, and I: The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy, God’s Sheepdog explores in depth the concept of the Trinity Conspiracy and presents evidence he found in scripture that the University of Chicago History of Religions Journal Scholars Paul Copp, Matthew T. Kapstein and Christian Wedemeyer, calls a “solid piece of scholarship.”

In this book, God’s Sheepdog presents:

  1. Some of his own crises of faith.
    2. Scientific proof, that God created prehistoric man, albeit not “in the likeness or image of God.”
    3. Compelling proof of the many major differences between God’s Spirit

Produced Son (The Lord Jesus Christ our God) and God’s Begotten Son (Christ Jesus Emmanuel our Risen Lord.

  1. That God is male and female, as referenced in Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis

5:1-2; Jeremiah 33:15-16;
5. That many bibles by changing and/or omitting God’s Word have made themselves part of the conspiracy.
6. Proof that God did not make woman in His own image, but in the image of Man.

Roland Williams is originally from Mississippi. He is a former Trinitarian pastor, adult Sunday school teacher, retired chef, abstract artist, publisher and author. He believes in the Father, The Word, the Holy Spirit, and the Begotten Son, but through research, understands that God is not a Triune God as the Trinity theology teaches Him to be.

Roland has studied scholars from Theophilus of Antioch to Tertullian; the Christian Theology of Dr. R. C. Sproul to Dr. James White; and Dr. David Bernard to Dr. Nathaniel Urshan; as well as Dr. Shabir Ally to Dr. Zakir Naik and others.

Connect with Roland on LinkedIn @Roland Williams; on Facebook (@Roland Williams) or Twitter (@rwilliams548).

God’s Me, Myself, and I: The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy

ISBN-10: 1732012202
ISBN-13: ‎978-1732012202

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